New Years Resolutions: Let’s Get Back to Nature in 2019

We are always encouraging people to get back to nature and there is no better time than today. Start planning your green adventure for 2019. We can help you along the way. There is no better way to experience a new place than by giving back to the community and learning ancient traditions of a region. On our fruit filled experiences you will have the chance to speak with the experts, taste local product and get to know the food production methods before they reach the supermarket shelves. Here are some nature tours that will inspire you to go green for 2019:

1. Visit the organic vineyards of Italy
2. Get to know the grape filled fields of France
3. Learn about the delicious local produce in Portugal
4. Go on an Olive Adventure in Greece
5. Discover the orchards of Northern Spain
6. Join others on the fruit trail of Normandy

For more details about any of our fruit and foraging tours please contact one of our travel team.


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