Planning a visit to Italy? Spend some time in the beautiful Piedmont region, renowned throughout the world for it’s truffles and wines. This is a real slice of the high life.

The centro storico or historic centre of the town is compact and easy to nacvigate on foot or bike. You will find yourself strolling through the streets aimlessly. If it’s one thing the Italians can teach us to do more of, it’s sitting back and enjoying the moment. If you have two days to spare, Alba is a great place to get a taste of the Italian lifestyle. 

DAY 1 

Start the day with breakfast at Vicolo dell’Arco. enjoy the cosy atmosphere right in the historic centre. Enjoy sipping on a creamy cappuccino outside on a sunny day. 

The sights, smells and sounds of the market are calling from Piazza Risorgimento. Now is the perfect chance to get a flavour of the region. Alba is often quoted as Italy’s gastronomic gem so be sure to taste all of the produce on offer.

Spend some time exploring the old town. Stroll through the cobbled streets.

Focacceria di Budego is the perfect choice is you want to grab a bite while walking around. Try the delicious focaccia. 

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo and Chiesa di San Domenico are waiting to be explored. Learn about the history of the region. Unwind over a coffee in one of the town squares.


Sample the local wines and cheeses at Voglia di Vino wine bar.


The sights, smells and sounds of the market are calling from Piazza Risorgimento.

Get up early and head to Sant’ Eustachio Il Caffè in the Centro Storico for your morning coffee. No takeaway cups in Italy. Coffee time is relaxing time. Savour and enjoy. Take a seat outside this humble cafe and relax under the sunshine. This is your chance to soak up the local atmosphere.


After breakfast stroll to enjoy discovering the stunning baroque style architecture of Chiesa di San Giuseppe, a colourful church in the city centre. Admire the frescoes and murals that have been beautifully restored. For spectacular views of the city climb the church tower.

In the afternoon pay a visit to Bono Nella E Pagliarino where you can sample some of the best Italian cheeses. Castelmagno is simply delicious. For some required resting time enjoy sipping sipping a glass or two of the local wine at one of the many casual cafes in the town centre.


For dinner check out Caffe Umberto. This fine dining restaurant will leave you with a true taste of Italy. After dinner enjoy a nice walk to Gelateria La Romania for the best gelato in town.

In the evening get dressed up and ready from some cocktails at Hemingway in the city centre.

This is the perfect way to spend 48 hours in Alba before or after your Truffles and Wine of Italy tour that will delight your senses.


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