Unique Foraging Experiences in Ireland

Getting acquainted with the Irish countryside is one of the best ways to spend a few days discovering the land around you. With our unique foraging experiences you can get back to nature, learn about the wild foods around you and spend time getting to know the local food experts.

I have been foraging the Irish coastlines and woodlands all of my life. The joy of stumbling upon a pool of peri-winkles or a patch of chanterelle mushrooms will brighten any day. The beauty of foraging is that no two tours are the same. Each time you head out on the trails you don’t know what to expect and the best part is using your recently picked treasures to cook up some fresh and delicious. Here are some of our top foraging experiences to try out in Ireland:

A Wild Food Adventure in Wicklow

Enjoy the spectacular landscapes in the garden of Ireland while taking the time to get to know the plants around you. On this day tour we be immersed in the peaceful countryside, taking you along quiet forest tracks and giving you a taste of the land. Look out for wild mushrooms, elderflowers, edible leaves and more.


Student Food Tours

These tours are a live and learn experience. We take small groups of eager nature enthusiasts to the countryside to give them a taste of the wild foods growing all around us. This half day tour is designed to give you a true taste of nature. We will identify wild plant species and show you how we use these edible goods to cook up something delicious.


Coastal Foraging on the Wild Atlantic Way

If you are planning a trip to the west coast of Ireland than this short day tour will delight your senses. We take a coastal walk smelling the fresh sea air and forage for some of Ireland’s hidden shellfish. Mussels, winkles, seaweeds and seabeet are just some of the goods you can expect to discover on this unique adventure.


For more information or to book your next foraging experience in Ireland please contact one of our foodie experts.


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