Drinking a freshly made pot of herbal tea is one of our favourite ways to relax in the evenings. This is going to be short because it is easy to do if you take a little bit of time.

First you need to select your favourite herbs to use in your herbal tea. As budding foragers we love to pick wild herbs. Some wild herbs that we use include meadowsweet, red clovers, peppermint, dandelions, daises and rose petals. Going in search of some wild herbs for your tea is great fun and you can bring the whole family along or join one of our foraging trips.

To make the tea simply pick off the stems of the plant. With most edible herbs the flowers and leaves are fine to eat but always double check in advance. For example, elderflowers are a delicious addition to your herbal teas but you have to avoid using any part of the stem.

Now you are ready to put the herbs in a pot, dry roast for 2 – 3 minutes, now add your cold water. Let the water boil for 10 – 15 minutes. Drain the liquid and voila you have made your very own herbal tea. Maximum flavour requires extra steeping and many people will dry out the herbs fully (either roasting or sun drying) before they use them in their herbal teas.

Enjoy discovering the flavours of nature. Feel free to join us on any of our foraging adventures. You will find upcoming day trips here and for foodie lovers you can check out all of our food filled experiences here.


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