Is Kidney Vetch Edible?

Kidney Vetch aka Anthyllis vulneraria

This striking, woolly headed plant certainly stands out from the crowd. We often stumble upon Kidney Vetch when we are out for a stroll along the seaside but is kidney vetch edible? The answer is yes.

Many parts of this wild plant are used in herbal medicine. The dried flower heads are a tea substitute and the roots and leaves are used as an astringent and laxative. To use the flower, leave the petals to dry naturally in a warm, dry area for 3 – 4 days, add a teaspoon of honey and voila you have yourself a vetch tea.


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    Patricia Bentley-Howard
    1:45 am - November 10, 2021 / Reply

    I think Kidney Vetch is a very unique looking flower. I picked a grocery bag full. It’s dry and ready for use. I am a bit afraid to try new herbs. My entire body has been super sensitive to almost every thing I drink, or eat. I have no idea what my problem is. I’ve been praying and asking God what’s wrong with me. I’m only guessing. Doctor’s like you to think it’s all in your head. Well I know different. I’m going to try the Kidney Vetch in the next couple of days. It says that it is a wound healer. I have some skin issues. I’m going to make a vegetable glycerin tincture, soon. I’ll let you know what happens. 😬

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