Foraging Planner Pack

Foraging Planner Pack


Are you planning for your next wild food adventure? Download our foraging planner pack to help you stay focused and organised while learning.

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This hand designed foraging planner pack provides useful step-by-step instructions for each foraging activity. Each page is designed to help you stay organised and on top of your foraging experiences.

These 20 sheets are your go-to workbooks when foraging outdoors.

It includes:

  • A foraging journal
  • A trail tracker
  • Seasonal foraging worksheets
  • A seaweed checklist
  • Weekly and monthly goals template

Each template will help you to stay on top of and keep track of your foraging experiences. All pages can be saved, downloaded and re-used as a helpful reference when you are using your foraged goods. We hope that you use our foraging planner pack to plan your next outdoor adventure and bring it right back into the kitchen to record your latest recipes step by step.


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