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The Grape Escape: 4 Amazing European Wine Tours

The hills come alive in the Summer and Autumn all across Europe where grapes come out to greet the sunshine and we get a taste of the land around us. From full bodied reds to crisp whites, each wine represents a place, a culture and a climate. At we aim to please the palette with our unique selection of European Wine Tours. Here are four of our favourites to choose from:

1. Diverse landscapes and rich cuisine. Unwind by the terraced vineyards of the Douro. This is the heart of Northern Portugal where time stands still. Learn the traditional methods of grape harvesting. Pick some juicy fruits. Famous for its food and wine heritage. Nestled between the rugged mountains and the coast of Porto, this guided vineyard experience is a special adventure for food and wine lovers from around the world.

Learn more about this Vineyard Adventure in the Douro

2. Walking amongst the Italian vines you will feel truly lost in nature. This luxury tour takes you to the heart of the Italian countryside. Discover cellar tours and long walks in an ancient setting. Enjoy a meal al fresco with pasta, pizza and plenty of seasonal wines to choose from.

Learn more about this Italian Wine Tour

3. Soak up the medieval atmosphere. Sip cocktails in the evening. From its sweeping views to its sunshine packed beaches, the Algarve has everything to offer. Admire the impressive architecture. Old fashioned, romantic Spanish streets. 

Learn more about the wines and fruits of the Algarve

4. If you are looking for a holiday with a difference than this one is truly unique. Enjoy staying in your very own wine barrel. This tour with a difference is a delight for the senses. Discover the beauty of the Portuguese landscapes while sipping on fresh Vinho Verde.

Learn more about the Portuguese countryside

For more information on the most amazing wine tours in Europe please contact one of our travel specialists.


How to reduce fruit waste?

At we want to help you to be more food friendly, choose to give the environment a hug and really appreciate the land around you. This is what we are all about so do you want to be more fruit friendly and reduce waste? We have a few tips that can help you use the best of what is on and off the shelves at different seasons.

Today everyone is asking you to go green, be more sustainable and think of the environment but do the major shopping centres tell you where their fruit is coming from, how the farmers are treated and squeezed for margin?

We don’t really know how they undergo the selection process when choosing the fruit to display on the shelves. All we can see the best and brightest fruits make it home to our fruit bowls. So where is the rest? A report by the UK’s Global Food Security Group programme found that over two fifths of all fruit can be wasted because it is considered ugly. Now is a good time to say that we love the ugly duckling. In a plastic filled world where botox is trending and filtered selfies are the norm let us not forgot that our individual blemishes are what make us unique.

So if you are looking for the peaches with the dimples check out your local market stalls. They don’t seem to discriminate against misshapen fruit as much as the larger chains. Go into any organic shop to discover dimpled fruits. Be conscious and actively choose the loneliest fruit on the block.

Another interesting study has highlighted the quality of scarred fruits and the results are pretty postitive. If we always picks the aesthetically pleasing fruit it may not be the tastiest. According the a cambridge review study from 2014 found that organic fruit had lower pesticide content and up to a 40 percent higher antioxidant content. So we say to all of our fruit loving friends enjoy the fruit with all of its scars and dimples.

Here’s an idea for a fun night in, do a fun blind taste test for friends at home. Buy several pieces of fruit at different stores and slice them up for friends. I’ve tried this and there is no comparison between the water injected fruit found in many stories versus the organically less modified fruit found on local stores. The latter being simply delicious. We usually have a few bottles of cider to wash the fruit down. Happy Tasting y’all!

Here are our simple tips to help reduce fruit waste:


If you have any sustainable fruit or food tips please contact our team and we will do our best to share them with the fruit picking community.


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