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4 Wild Food Breaks for Autumn

Autumn is the time when the leaves start to dance. Colours of orange, red and brown mix with the deepest green to signal that a new season is here and everything is about to change. Taking a wild food break in Autumn can be a mouth-watering and eye opening experience.

The ground has spend the year soaking up with moisture and sun and now it is ready to shed its very best produce. From berries to nuts, the woodlands are alive with activity. Here are four delicious wild food breaks to enjoy in the Autumn:

A Taste of Ireland: Go Foraging with Friends

The Island of Ireland comes alive in the Autumn months.We offer a wide range of wild food day tours on our weekly foraging adventures but we also have a unique week long trip that brings you from coast to coast in Ireland. If you want to get a real taste of the Irish landscape we are here to help you make that dream possible. From foraging for cockles and mussels to creamy pints of Guinness join us in the Emerald Isle and get back to nature.


Join the Truffle Hunters in Italy


There is no better time to experience the fruits of Italy then in the Autumn months when the vines are heavy with grapes and the woodlands are stuffed full of mushrooms. Our foraging friends in Northern Italy know all of the secret locations to bring you Truffle hunting and give you a true taste of the Italian lifestyle. Pizza, pasta and shavings of fresh truffles, what more could you ask for on a foodie holiday.


Sample the Grapes of the Douro Valley

Did you know that the Douro Valley is one of the most under rated wine regions in Europe. It is renowned for its vinho verde but it also has some crisp whites and reds for you to try out. The scenery in this area with leave you breathless. Grab a picnic and let our expert wine lovers guide you on the ultimate wine filled adventure.


Soak up the sunshine in the Algarve


Another region of Portugal where the sun always shines is the beautiful Algarve. In southern Portugal we can bask in the sunshine all year round. We will bring you on a wine making excursion that will give you life-long memories. This is suitable for groups of up to 10 people. Learn about the local food traditions and how to make your very own vino in the heart of Europe’s most stunning landscapes.


For more information on any of our wild food experiences for Autumn please contact one of our travel experts.




World Bee Day: 6 Ways you can help to Save the Bees

Today is world bee day and we are buzzing with love for these amazing little creatures.

Bees have been producing honey now for over 150 million years so I think we can all learn a thing or too from their work ethic and focus. Unfortunately, bee colonies have been declining due a wide range of factors, including climate change, pollution, the use of pesticides.

These pollinators are crucial to sustaining our current food production levels so we better start reversing this disappearing trend as quickly as possible.

Plant some flowers that are rich in nectar like lavender.

Don’t treat your garden with chemicals that are harmful to wildlife. Always check the label!

Create a wild patch in your garden. Leave some dandelions around for the bees. These are important food sources.

In the summer months leave a fresh bowl of water, they will appeciate it.

Buy local, organic honey. Head to your local farmers market and have a chat with them bfore you buy the products.

Watch one of these amazing bee documentaries to learn more about the art of bee keeping. More than Honey (2012) by Markus Imhoof or The Last Beekeeper by Jeremy Simmons will certainly give you food for thought. Or why not watch Bee Movie with Friends, Barry Benson will take you fantastic animated journey. Hopefully this will inspire some to protect our declining Bee colonies.

If you know more ways that we can celebrate World Bee Day and help to save the bees we are all about nature here at Orchards near me and would love to hear from you.

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