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The Forager Journal – A Newsletter for Wild Food & Nature Lovers

Hello Fellow Foragers,

It is good to finally be back after a long and winding hiatus since the pandemic hit us pretty hard here in Ireland. For me, it immediately put all of my foraging and tour plans on hold. After quitting my full-time job to spend years building up experiences of foraging with friends and pouring my heart into the idea, I was more than a little down in the dumps when covid struck.

After wallowing in self pity I picked myself up from the floor but the connection I had with my foraging world collapsing and COVID restrictions really made me question things so I quickly grabbed the comfort of my pen and began writing. I am pleased to say that I kelp my love for experimenting with wild foods and I am delighted to be starting this journey today to offer insights, tips and tricks from all of my foraging adventures.  

I am so excited to be sending my first newsletter to a wild and waiting community that are eager to learn more about the wonderful world of wild foods, edible plants, mushrooms and natures delicious bounty. Those who know me or have been out on the trails with me know that I am an advocate for seasonal eating and want to promote patience when it comes to what we find on our supermarket shelves.

We live in a world that is now spoiled for choice but this choice has a grave cost on the environment and people working with the foods we love to find on our supermarket shelves. This weekly newsletter is designed to give you a taste for the foraging lifestyle, provide some recipe inspiration and share stories from our adventures along the way. Thank you for being here and supporting my love for foraging, food and outdoor living. 

Someday soon we will meet again and forage through the woods with our shared love for the nature as the only comfort blanket and our knowledge that hard time are like clouds, they pass by with time. 

If you like some of my updates I would love your support so that I can continue my foraging and writing adventures!

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