Authentic Fruit Picking Experience Portugal

Special Tour 1 day
5100 Lamego, Portugal Portugal Tour Guide: Authentic Fruit Picking Experience Portugal

Porto (Google Map)
  • Fruit picking tour
  • Special Food Tastings
  • Expert Guides and tips
  • Port Tastings
  • Dinner and accommodation

  • Airfare
  • Optional transfers


What to Expect

Pick your way through the rich harvest history of Portugal. We’ll take a deep dive into Portuguese farm life, including a working on the vineyard, picking the grapes, stomping the grapes, learning about the famous local Port and tasting traditional dishes. From the moment you arrive you will immersed in farm-to-table culture that exists in rural Portugal.

This tour will give you a hands on connection with the land where Portuguese grapes are harvested into local wines.

You will have an expert guide to help you identify the grapes and pick the grapes to maintain the utmost flavour.

Enjoy the landscapes of Viseu on the banks of the Balsemão River as you spend a day wandering the countryside and joining in the harvest activities.

Your tour will feature wine tasting, wine blending, traditional dining and farm exploration.

This is a food packed tour to remember. You will stay in rural hotels for your trip.

  • Learn the process of wine blending
  • Identify the grapes in the Douro Valley
  • Taste traditional Portuguese foods
  • Meet local food producers
  • Learn about the history of the Viseu region
  • Explore the rural landscapes


From the moment you arrive you will be treated with a taste of the land. If you are hungry for an experience that captures all of the tastes, smells, sights and sounds of Portugal in a day than this is it.

  • 10.00 – To begin your journey into the land you will be given to you a straw hat, tobacconist scarf, cutting scissors and a bucket. These are traditional items of clothing that we associate with the harvest season and the fruit picking tools you need when you participate in the harvest.
  • 10.30 –  After meeting the local guides and taking in the surroundings you will be treated to some local Mata-bicho. This local drink is a common breakfast shot in rural areas and literally means to kill the bug of hunger. It will be served onion soup and baked sardines on a slice of corn bread with olive oil. With Pacheca wines and mineral water.
  • 11.30 –  Now we depart for the vineyards. This short trip allows us to explore the ground, get to know our fellow pickers and bask in the early morning sunshine.
  • 13.00 – After getting buckets out and starting to fill up with grapes we will take a break for a traditional Portuguese harvest lunch. The menu is seasonal and changes with nature so you are spoiled with the best produce of the land. Soup and a fish or meat dish are the basics. Of course water and wine are essential to prepare for the day ahead Typical Harvest Lunch.
  • 14.30 – Join our Wine connoisseurs to taste the vintage wines, sip on the famous local sparkling wines and take a guided tour at Quinta da Pacheca.
  • 15.30 –  Finish with the ultimate wine harvest activity. Discover how to press the grapes. Feel the grapes under your feet as you get to try the pressing with fellow nature lovers.  Local Port wine is served to complete your fruit picking experience.
Total: €110.00 From €110.00 /person

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