Olive picking experience in Greece

Daily Tour 7 day
Potamos 491 00, Greece Greece

Athens (Google Map)
  • Handpicked Accommodation
  • Breakfasts and some meals
  • Olive picking guide and notes
  • Luggage transfers
  • Guide with Picking tips

  • Airfare
  • Optional wine tasting Experience


What to Expect

Experience the art of olive picking in the beautiful setting of Greece. This tour is all about getting back to the land and giving back to the community. If you are interested in learning about olive oil production, how to use olives, tasting olives and visiting the amazing country of Greece than this tour is perfect for you. You will participate in the Olive harvest with expert guides and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

You will see how the olives get pressed and take some handmade olive oil home to your families and friends when you are finished. Relax at dinner on the farm, learn all about the olive picking and production process and explore the Island on your free days. Go to the beach for a swim, sip of the local wines and enjoy tasting delicious Greek cuisine.

  • Taste the olives and olive oils of Greece
  • Learn the fruit picking tips and production process
  • Eat Greek local cuisine
  • Sip the celebrated wines
  • Visit the olive press
  • Enjoy a traditional cooking workshop

This wonderful hands-on harvest experience will be one of your most memorable holidays. Renowned for its stunning beaches, farmland and friendly atmosphere you will enjoy getting to know the land of Greece and all of its beauty.

The beautiful island of Kýthera will be your base for a week long picking experience. You will spend your days in the farm, picking olives, tasting the produce and relaxing with the locals in the evenings. If you are looking for a mindful escape than it doesn’t get much better than this.

The beautiful landscape has been known to inspire artists from around the world so bring a pen and paper if you are so inclined. Enjoy strolling through the fruit and free markets of Potamós, taking a dip in the ocean and having the chats at the local cafes.

On your picking days you will be participating in the lifelong tradition of picking olives in Greece. Grab a pair of gloves and start early to make the most of the day. Your hosts will transfer you to the olive grove. All of the olives are handpicked and you can enjoy some peaceful reflection as you work the land.

The olive groves are spread throughout the island. You will be surrounded by nature each day and close to one of the traditional villages. Coffee and lunch is provided each day.

Your dinner is served in the guesthouse and you will enjoy a traditional Greek cooking class on one of the evenings.

For days not on the grove you are free to explore the stunning mountain hiking trails, take a swim at one of the many beaches or simply relax with a book of your choice.

Finish the tour with a demonstration of the olive oil production process at one of the local factories. You will get to see how the olives get pressed and choose the best oil to show off to your family and friends when you get home.

Happy Picking!

Total: €650.00 From €650.00 /person

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