Student Foraging Adventures

Special Tour 1 day Availability: 2019-07-30
Dublin, Ireland Ireland Tour Guide: Student Foraging Adventures

Dublin (Google Map)
  • Expert Guides
  • Wild Plant leaflets
  • Tailormade Adventure
  • Transport optional
  • Guide with picking tips

  • Tasting Experience
  • Optional tasting


What to Expect

Experience the heart of Ireland in the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains on a unique student tour. Learn how to forage with friends and recognise native plants. This tour is designed to get you back to nature. Take time out and enjoy the landscape around you with fellow nature lovers.

You will learn how to identify wild plants and herbs and enjoy a taste of the land around you. Join us for outdoor fun and discover stunning locations around Dublin and Wicklow.

We can customise your itinerary based on your groups needs. All of the starting times are pre-arranged with your teacher or group leader.

We will provide you with a plant identification leaflet and tell you what you need to bring/wear for the adventure.


On this tour we will take you on a guided foraging adventure in the heart of the Wicklow mountains. From wild garlic to red clovers, we will enjoy picking some rare plant species.


Get familiar with the art of wild foraging on this adventure. This tour has a very special ending where we will gather our recently foraged goods and learn how to use the plants collected.


  • Walk with expert guides
  • Learn about local flora and fauna
  • Get a taste of the landscape
  • Meet fellow nature lovers
  • Learn how to recognise wild plants and herbs
  • Enjoy spending time outdoors with friends

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Exceed the maximum number of people for this tour. The number of seats available is 10


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