Vinho Verde Day Tour Portugal

Special Tour 1 day
Porto, Portugal Portugal

In the heart of the vinho verde wine region, you are surrounded by delicious details, a memory of ancient times, an absorbtion of the senses. This is how you feel at Quinta da Aveleda. Delight in the flavours of the local grapes and fruit filled region of Portugal.

When entering this space, you travel through the history of a visionary family, you contemplate nature sculpted with passion, you witness different scenery with every season. The gardens are enchanting and the atmosphere is relaxing. This is a breathtaking experience of the senses.

Aveleda is a name which spans several generations. The first records of the sale of bottled wine date back to 1870, with Manuel Pedro Guedes (1837-1899). Today the 5th generation of the Guedes family runs the company, always committed to maintaining this family legacy which spans several generations.

This is a remarkable experience. For your tour you are invited to taste the local wines, meet the local producers and sample rural life in Portugal. Our expert guides will teach you how to create your own wine, taking it with you in the end. This day tour includes blending, labeling and bottling, is preceded by the visit and finish with the tasting. You will have the chance to explore the amazing landscapes and gardens at the vineyard before you leave.

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