Why Forage with us?


We are fascinated with places, people and foodie wonders of the world. Our foraging and food adventures exist to give you a new perspective on a local culture and reconnect with the land. Each time you embark on an Orchard adventure you will grow. Grow your mind, grow your body, grow your knowledge and challenge your opinions.

Going off the beaten path, giving you life long memories and connecting you with the communities we visit is key to all of our experiences. We are motivated by the desire to take small groups of like-minded people to some of the Europe’s most rural places that provide unique, immersive travel experiences.


At Orchardsnearme.com we strive to create the most immersive natural environment experiences, providing food filled adventures that take you to the heart of a region. With a focus on nature each tour is packed with flavour so you can enjoy a true taste of the land. We aim to support the UN Climate Goals of protecting and restoring ecosystems. Once you pick your orchard adventure we will piece together all of the information you need to begin getting excited for the journey.



By connecting with local farms, visiting them and participating in the harvest seasons we aim to help orchards and vineyards around the world. Our tours are designed to give back to the community and always include an educational element. We want to encourage the adventurers, the curious minded, the people who are interested in the food around them to embark on unique experiences.

Our team are dedicated to great customer service and providing the best escape to nature with authentic fruit and foraging tours.

Handpicked Farms

We find the best possible farmland, orchard and vineyards to partner with so that you get a true feel for the land, the picking process and the production on the farms. Our farms are rich in culinary traditions and foodie rituals. Each region is chosen for it’s natural vibrancy, closeness to nature and genuine love for the food they produce.

Peace of Mind

All you have to do is say yes and we will arrange the best food and fruit-filled adventure for you. We won’t claim that our tours are easy as you have to be willing to get your hands dirty to participate in the local harvest and picking opportunities. Believe me, it is worth it. Our travel team will create the perfect itinerary for you, arrange any accommodation needed, take your baggage from place to place and ensure that you get a taste of the local culture.

Selected accommodation

We only select quality hotels and accommodation providers that reflect your type of journey. Some of the farms we work with offer farm-stays which are the ultimate orchard experience. What better way to finish off a day in the fields than with a home cooked meal and some local wine. We search out the very best bed and breakfasts, family run hotels, agriturimos, country inns, boutique hotels and hidden gems that are best suited to your individual needs.All of the providers we work with are different and offer a warm welcome.


Don’t worry about getting from place to place we work with the very best taxi providers, bike hire companies and luggage transfer suppliers so that you can relax knowing that your bags will be waiting for you at your hotel each night and your picking experience will run as planned.

Customised Itineraries

Our team are expert pickers, love fruit and foraging and know their wild plant species. We have roamed the countryside and traveled throughout Europe to provide you with the best advice and trip features. You can choose from our range of self guided vacations or make your own itinerary to suit the fruits you are interested in, the time you want to travel and the level of difficulty.

Book with ease

Booking with us helps ensure that complete peace of mind. We carefully plan and regularly check our routes and itineraries so you know just what to expect each day and all are graded by both activity level and comfort so there won’t be any unexpected surprises.

24/7 Support Number

We ensure that you have access to our staff at all times. Your safety is our priority and if you are not happy with your experience we are certainly not happy with our job. We will do everything to see that you have the most authentic fruit or foraging tours.

Great value and unbeatable service

We are completely focused on offering great value tours and we don’t offer holidays which we wouldn’t sell to our family or friends, many of whom are our customers and fiercest critics. Our long established relationships and buying power enable us to offer very competitive prices and great value to you, our customers.

Service that goes above and beyond expectations is why so many of our customers choose to travel with us year after year.

What we are all about

Unlike a lot of companies these days we are not owned by a giant corporation. We are privately operated, have built up personal relationships and want to promote individuals whose farms may have been abandoned due to urbanisation. If your passion is for local, your drive is for sustainability and your yearning is to learn than you know what we are all about.

Contact our Travel Team

We sincerely hope to welcome you on one of our holidays soon and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or would just like a chat about your next adventure.

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