A list of what to pack when you embark on your next outdoor adventure.


On the vast majority of our trips you are expected to carry your own luggage. Smaller bags or backpacks with wheels are convenient but we recommend your bag has carry straps. We also recommend bringing a small pack for carrying water and other items during the day.


For day trips it is best to wear something light and airy in the summer months, and a pullover or cardigan for over the shoulders. For orchard visits that allow picking you it is a good idea to bring a pair of gardening gloves to cover your hands. For longer trails and trips of over a week, here is a list of clothing items that we suggest bringing:

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Top adventure travel packing tips

Footwear is important

Comfortable, breathable shoes are essential for any outdoor trip, as most people are well aware. Good socks however, are often underestimated. Doing a bit of research on what socks to bring can make a huge difference to your comfort levels. We recommend merino wool walking socks to keep your feet happy and blister free.

Speak with a staff member in your local outdoor apparel store for further advice and remember to take new shoes on a couple of tester outings before long walking trips!

Pack Light

On an adventure holiday you will be spending a lot of time outdoors so light, comfortable clothing is best. Only bring the essentials. The lighter your bag, the more space for you to breathe and enjoy yourself.

Practice makes perfect

If you are embarking on your first long distance walking or cycling holiday it is a good idea to prepare by going for walks of varying lengths in the months leading up to your trip.

Do I need walking poles?

If you would like extra support and balance when you are out on the trails then walking poles can be a good idea. Our travel experts will help you decide based on the elevation of the routes.

Never pick something you cannot identify!

This is a common precaution when fruit picking and foraging for wild food. If you find fruits or berries that you can’t identify, then don’t eat them. Another tip is to wear gloves when picking fruit and other wild foods.

Dress for the Weather

The location and time of year of your tour can bring all kinds of weather, from extreme heat to relentless rain. Check extended forecasts before your trip and pack accordingly.


Ensure your passport is valid until after your return date.
Notify your bank of upcoming travel arrangements.
Limit your luggage to one medium-sized suitcase and one carry-on.

For picking enthusiasts who would like to get out on local trails and enjoy foraging for wild foods, we have a free foraging guide for you to use to get started. Happy Picking!

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