Our fascination with star signs dates back thousands of years to a time when the sky was still mysterious and NASA hadn’t yet made its mark on the world. In Ancient Greece astrologers were known as scientists.

Is it a way of us understanding our place in the natural world?

Maybe reading your horoscope provides you with a welcome boost in positivity or knowing a few of your key personality traits gives you that extra stream of confidence. Whatever your reason, it is a nice to know that you might share similar positive and negative fates with others in the world. With Astrology we are allowed to remain inquisitive, to wander, to imagine a different future and this longing to predict the future self has stood the test of time.

Farmers used the skies as a calendar using the farmers Almanec calendar to read the pattern of the seasons from the sky.

Travelers used the skies as a compass. First compass was developed by the chinese in 2nd century BC but used for geomancy and fortune telling, not navigation (wikipedia).

The astronomer Ptolemy recorded the 12 signs that we know today and promoted them in his book. For centuries, astronomy and astrology were considered the same thing as both involved the study of the planets. After the 17th century the study of Astronomy became more and more scientific as Newton popularised his theory of gravity.

There was a renewed appreciation for the zodiac in the Age of Aquarius in the 60’s and 70’s. Psychologist Graham Tyson found that people used astrology “under conditions of high stress”. This doesn’t mean that a person believes what is written about their sign but it could be related to the fact that our lives are so stressed and busy we find horoscopes to be a manageable way of making sense of the immediate future. With positive predictions we can imagine a better future.

In a sense it may give some structure to an otherwords disorganised society where we are overloaded with information, facts and figures.

Each star allows us to be a little different from the other but also part of a community. Knowing that their are many more like minded aquarius people out there gives me some hope. In addition, it holds enough mystery that we can elaborate on the general characteristics and create our own narratives.

Everyone knows there sun sign, even if you aren’t a horoscope fan. This is based on where the sun was on your birthday. But have you heard of your Celtic tree sign? Let’s breakdown the Celtic tree signs a little bit.

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