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Team Building Outdoors: Get back to Nature with your team

Studies suggest that spending time in nature can have a positive effect on our levels of productivity, creativity and ability to concentrate. So what better way treat your employees to an engaged, fun learning experience than by spending time immersed in nature on the farms of Europe.

Every business relies on effective teams to reach their goals. At Orchardsnearme, we know what it takes to build a successful team and have experience guiding groups in fruit picking and food related experiences across Europe.

With each of our tailormade team building tours you will build relationships, learn a new skill and give back to the community that you are in.

10 Reasons Why Team Bonding Outdoors Works

  1. Relationship building for your team
  2. Requires a leadership roles and other roles
  3. Be Immersed in natural surroundings
  4. Improve your creative thought process
  5. Increase productivity within a team
  6. Learn new skills to bring back to the office
  7. Put a fresh perspective on things
  8. Learn about a new culture
  9. Taste foods from the land
  10. Give back to a community

Here are some of our top outdoor team building experiences for groups.

Tuscany Food and Farm Adventure

Reward your best performing staff with a unique trip to the heart of Tuscany. We have tailormade this tour as the ideal team building travel experience. For 3 nights/4 days your team will enjoy tasting the wines, cycling through the villages and eating the most delicious, authentic Italian cuisine. Italy is a food lovers heaven and what better way to enjoy it then with some of your team mates from work.

A Taste of Ireland: Coastal Foraging and Food Tour

Get to know the local history, natural landscapes and people of the wild atlantic way. We take you to a secret beach to collect cockles and mussels, sip on expertly made Irish coffees and enjoy learning the history of the region from local guides. This 3 night tour is ideal for groups of up to 12 persons. We will provide coaches from Dublin city centre and a group liaison person for the full trip.

Truffle Hunting and Wine tasting in Italy

Join an expert guide as we wander through the stunning landscapes of Italy on this unique adventure for nature lovers. We will spend two days hunting for the famous truffles of the region and learning all about the grapes of the land. Your team will have the opportunity to see the wine growing process from start to finish and explore some of the most beautiful areas of Northern Italy. This tour will give your team insights into farming culture, Italian culture, real life situations, fruit picking, foraging and bring your team closer at every stage.

Guided Fruit Adventure in the Douro Valley

Discover the distinct fruits of Portugal. A little journey outside the buzzing city of Porto will bring you to the natural surroundings of the Douro. From grape picking to olive oil tasting this is a truly amazing adventure. Any pick your own adventure is a fun filled activity to do with a group but the weather, the people and the terraced vineyards of the valley. Taking the road less travelled on the laid back paths of Portugal will allow your group time to celebrate being outdoors and enjoy eachothers company. Getting to know the land and colleagues at the same time. Our local guides will give you a taste of portuguese food with authentic experiences in the farms and vineyards around Porto.

Algarve Fruit and Farm Experience

Sunshine, seafood and coastal tracks await for you in the amazing Algarve. Get off the beaten track with this unique wine filled tour in one of the regions premier vineyards. With it’s vast beaches and white washed towns there is plenty to enjoy as you and your team escape into nature. Enjoy dining by the sea on fresh local produce, meeting the producers and getting to know perfect wine pairings on this food filled journey. Flying into Faro airport makes this tour easily accessible and ideal for a late summer company retreat.

The Fruit Harvest France

Harvest time is a special time of the year throughout Europe but in France you really see the fields come alive with activity. Enjoy picking fresh fruit from the vines in the morning and hunting for truffles in the afternoon. History oozes from this region of France and you will have time to discover the ancient castles and learn about traditional farming techniques. Grape stomping is a must if you are up for the challenge! For dinner you group can dine on locally prepared french cuisine and wash it down with a glass or two of delicious Burgundy reds.


  • Experienced staff and local guides who will ensure you make the most of your time on the land.
  • Operating with partners throughout Europe.
  • Tailored programmes to meet your specific needs
  • Excellent accommodation, food experiences and opportunities to learn
  • Cater for groups of Accommodation for up to 40 people
  • Delicious food and drink


For more information on any of our tours for groups please contact one of our team travel experts.


Delicious Homemade Seabeet Detox Smoothie

Packed full of iron, Vitamin C and healthy goodness, this easy detox smoothie is the perfect way to cleanse and repair your body after any long weekend.

We often forage for sea beet, using it as a natural substitute for greens in stir-fry’s, stews and more but on one Sunday filled with sunshine we were inspired to create this delicious smoothie that is now a monthly fixture in our ever growing plant based recipe list.

Never tried and tested making homemade smoothies before? Don’t fear, this is probably one of the easiest recipes to start with. Here is the short list of ingredients and a few useful tips when you plan to forage for this healthy plant.


  • Three cups of freshly picked Sea Beet leaves
  • Two large pears
  • The juice from half of one lemon
  • Grated Ginger
  • Crushed mint leaves (just a few)


This is pretty easy. Wash your ingredients thoroughly. Cut off the stems from your sea beet leaves and chop into thin slices. Peel your pears carefully (save the skins and add them as a decoration in the end), finely grate a small cube of ginger. Slice a lemon in half. Now you are ready to put it all together. Blend these ingredients until smooth. After you have gotten rid of the lumps add a few ice cubes and 3 – 4 mint leaves. Blend gently for two minutes. Tadaa you have made your very own detox smoothie. Enjoy!


Sea beet is a seaside plant we love to forage for all year round. It is easy to identify and will pop up at the edges of beaches in small bundles. Never pull the plant from the root. If you are picking sea beet just snip a small amount of the leaves and the rest will replenish itself.

Always wear gloves when you are out foraging and make sure to wash the leaves thoroughly before using them in any recipes.

We hope that you enjoy this easy sea beet detox smoothie and hope to see you soon for some foraging adventures.

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