6 reasons why fruit picking is food for the soul

How easy it is to take the natural environments around us for granted. It is even easier to take the fruit that we eat each day for granted. Bunches of bananas, bags of all kinds of apples, bunches of grapes and endless plums greet us as we shop in our local stores.

Where have these fruits come from, you don’t ask. How about we get to know the fruit we eat a little more and better yet hear from the fruit pickers who spend endless days picking these ripe treats.

Learn about the land

There is no better way to learn about the landscape of a region then getting out and feeling it (literally). Any of our fruit and foraging experiences offer the chance to get to grips with the harvest around you. Lifelong learning is no longer undervalued, it is an essential part of our growth. As long as we stay inquisitive, our mind will stay active. Let’s go and see what the land has to teach us.

Get back to nature

Nature therapy is becoming very trendy these days with forest baths, eco hide-aways and orchard experiences playing a part in re-kindling our relationship with the outdoors.

Turn off to Turn on

Another reason why fruit picking is food for the soul is it forces us to turn off from our screens and tune in to the life that surrounds us. When we stop looking down and start looking around we can observe the wildlife, the harvests and participate in the farming activities that are crucial for our survival.

Live in the moment

Fruit picking and foraging for wild foods forces us to live in the moment. Allow all of the troubles of yesterday or the worries of tomorrow subside and enjoy spending time with the fruitful landscapes around you.

Give back to the community

When you visit a place do you think about how the land around you is used by the local community? Oftentimes the agricultural activities of an area are outside of the main resort towns that we visit. By linking up with the fruit suppliers and wild food foragers of the land we can introduct you to these hidden activities.

Discover the Taste

Do you ever wonder why homegrown fruit tastes so much better? There are a number of factors at play here but mainly it is fact that the fruits are freshly picked from the trees and go straight into your mouth. In our minds there is nothing better than the bursts of flavour from freshly picked fruits.

If you are a fruit and food lover looking for inspiration for your next adventure then we are here to help.


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