3 Natural Ways to Reduce your Weekly Plastic Use

We all need to play our part in the fight to reduce plastic and the struggle to keep our natural environments plastic free. To help the planet out many people are taking steps towards a zero waste lifestyle and becoming more sustainable. There are many ways that we can reduce our weekly plastic consumption and here are just 3 simple things to start with:

Create a Natural Homemade Exfoliator

A lot of the plastics we find in our oceans today are coming from microplastics that can be found is face washes. Why not create your own. It’s fun, super easy and should be just as good as those scrubs you find in stores. Here is a quick natural exfoliator that will leave you with a fresh glow: Mix sugar, blueberries, honey, coconut oil and a pinch of vanilla.

Homemade Toothpaste

Two to Three spoons of baking soda and crushed peppermint or a few drops of peppermint oil, a spoonful of coconut oil; this is all you need to create your very own toothpaste if you want to cut down on those bulky toothpaste tubes. Both Potassium nitrate and Triclosan are found in the toothpastes we pick up in the grocery isles of most supermarkets today. One is a pesticide and teh other is harmful to animals. Yet, we are spitting it into our water system morning, noon and night. If you prefer to buy your toothpaste then try to opt for a flouride free brand.

Stop Buying Bottled Water

Unless your local water supply is contaminated than reducing the amount of bottled water you buy is one of the easiest ways to reduce your plastic consumption at home.

If you have some tips to reduce plastic waste we are always looking for new ideas on how we can help the natural environment.


Go Green for 2019! 10 Ways I can be more Eco-friendly

It is our mission to go green for 2019. We want the world to be more eco-friendly so we can start with a few ideas to help you be more sustainable this year:

Cut down on meat

Did you know that we can reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases by cutting back on our meat consumption. If everyone actively tried to eat less meat we would be giving back to the environment.

Plant a tree

Our friends at Mossy Earth are changing the world one tree at a time. Now you can support their cause. They are some of the most proactive, eco-friendly people we know. They know the trees, get to know the land and invest their time and energy in every forest that they create. In 2018 they planted over 4,000 trees across different regions of Europe. In 2019 we can help them to achieve higher goals and reforest areas devastated by wildfires and badly in need to native tree reforestation.

Reduce Fruit Waste

We talk about this all of time and in 2019 it will be our mission to bring tips for reducing fruit waste to the masses. Follow the simple tips here to reduce your fruit waste at home.

Invest in a Keep Cup

An easy way that you can have a small positive impact on the environment is by investing in a keep cup. By using the same coffee mug each day you are reducing your carbon footprint and reducing our reliance on single use plastics.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Walk instead of taking the car. This little tip applies whether you are at home or abroad. Many of us will opt to take taxis but check out google maps to see how far you are from your destination. If you are planning an outing to a local restaurant maybe it is in walking distance?

Be a responsible traveler

Take action into your own hands and become a responsible tourist. What can you do? Lots really! Responsible travel is all about being aware of the landscape and people around you. Respect local culture, make an effort to speak the local language, don’t damage the landscape, reuse your bathroom towels and be conscious of pollution (both litter and noise) as you go.

Buy fairtrade goods

Always check the label. In Europe we have a fairtrade label that is placed on goods when a farm or production process has been inspected for good standards of environmentally friendly goods and fair employment. Make sure you buy at least some fairtrade items when you are doing your weekly shop.
This will give you a better idea of where your food is coming from and how the people preparing your food are treated.

Check out your local organic fruit store

Organic food stores can be a great source of inspiration. The shelves are packed full of colourful goods and fresh produce for you to enjoy. We also like to promote using the leftovers. We build up so much fruit waste each year that can be put to better use by simply giving it away to others, getting creative with your shopping habits and staying informed about the harvest season.

Ask more questions

Don’t take our word for it. Be inquisitive and ask about the products and services that you plan to use. Getting a bit of background information can give you more insights into the quality of the products and the environment in which they are produced.

Spread the word

Last but not least spread the word about these positive contributions that you can be making to the environment around you. It is easy to adopt one eco-friendly habit but if you tell five friends about this habit than you are making a longer positive impact on the overall environment.

If you have some eco-friendly tips or advice we would love to hear from you. For more information about any of our fruit & foraging tours please get in touch with one of our travel team anytime.


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